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Yo don`t have to dream about your dream Wedding, you just have to do it !

About us

We are Debbie and Flora and we have created out of our love for the beauty of Naxos and the belief that it is a premiere spot for the most beautiful Weddings.

We are an international team with 26 years of combined business experience and our story began with our shared love of creating unforgettable Events, making people feel special and an understanding of the beauty and possibilities that Naxos has to offer.

Who we are

Debbie graduated from the University of Victoria in Canada with a B.A. in History and English and began her tour of the world gaining insight into all different types of living, styling, working and eating. Her heart was in Europe and she ended up in Athens and met the love of her life Stratos. After living in the Caribbean they arrived in Naxos and decided to make their life here on this beautiful Greek island.
Flora was born in Australia and enjoyed island life there until her family moved back to Athens. After finishing University with a degree in Psychology and Sociology she worked for 12 years in the Human Resources field. After styling her whimsical Wedding in Athens she moved with her family to enjoy the inspirational Aegean island of Naxos. Today she is a Career Consultant and together with Debbie has followed her aspiration in Wedding and Event Planning.

We are passionate about everything being perfect but if that is not possible we know the right lighting can fix everything!
We create beautiful Weddings and Events in Naxos.

“I love your passion for the island” Kapil Trivedi 2016

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