Cambridge is an inspiration!

Its colleges are breathtaking and you can’t help but peek through the ancient wooden doors to see the court yards and gardens, hidden away like treasures.

You could spend the day in the bustling market square or punt lazily down the River Cam, either way, Cambridge is truly idyllic.
There’s a vibrant theater and arts scene everywhere you look, and even more, the Lonely Planet guide book also claim that few cities in the world can impress as much as Cambridge, and that it is almost impossible to not be awe struck when leaving the train station at just how stunning the city is.

Enjoy the photographs and here are a few words from our beloved couple:

“It’s been almost 4 years when I moved to Cambridge. Call it luck or fate, but I moved in the same Share House as where the person who I am going to marry was already living. It took us some time until we got to know each other, but after that everything was flowing like clear water… going out together, shopping together, cooking, watching movies, playing together… as best friends do. After one year of enjoying each others company we realised that we love each other so that’s when we decided to move together and continue our life’s journey as one. Now here we are getting married soon!  “

Emese and Igor, thank you for making us part of your fairy tale celebration!
It was such a lovely experience! Thank you!

Can’t wait to see you again!

Stefan and Andra