Our Story

We are Andra and Stefan

Destination Wedding Photographers, lovers of the Sea.
Naxos Wedding Photographer-tographer-Stefan Fekete Photography

What we do

We are two professional photographers in love with each other, a team, and best friends at the same time.We love to travel and we are available to capture weddings and unique love stories all over the world. Our suitcases are “on standby” for worldwide travel.

Greece Wedding Photographer-Stefan Fekete Photography

Our story

… begins 10 years ago, when we first met on the very first day of college, in Cluj-Napoca. We were so young and I remember Stefan was a little bit shy, but I wasn`t better myself either (I played hard to get for 2 years). Please don’t blame me, but you know how girls can be!  I have never told him this, but I loved the fact that he never gave up! I loved every moment we had, every surprise that he was meticulously planning, all just to reach to my heart. It was a snowy and cold December day. I was rushing through the town in order to get him the perfect Christmas gift. I was freezing and in all that Christmas madness I got a call from him, asking me to meet him right away, in the campus, no matter what. At first, it seemed so awkward. He was wearing a suit and I was all covered in snow, from head to toes. As soon as we met, he blindfolded me without any word and led me to the roof of a ten-story building (one of the tallest students` dorms in the college campus). A romantic song was playing in the background (from Romanian singer Ana-Maria, called “Ochii tai” (Your eyes). Still blindfolded, I could feel the scent and warmth of candles…I was so excited and impatient and kept talking on and on when suddenly we stopped. He took the blindfold off and there it was: a romantic dinner with candles, red wine and flowers, on a cold December evening…Sooo romantic!

I like to think that this was the moment when we fell in love.

Greece Wedding Photographer-Stefan Fekete Photography

{ What Andra LOVES }

  • Greece and everything about it. She has been in Greece for the last 10 summers and still wants to see and discover more of it (to be honest, both of us do).
  • Old cars.
  • Colorful and simple homemade foods, which she loves to cook. (make sure to check out her personal Instagram, for some yummy foods) https://www.instagram.com/andra.dumitriu/
  • Raspberry in every possible form.
  • Animals.
  • The sea.
  • Being a photographer.

{ What Stefan LOVES }

  • Reading books and magazines about photography in the morning while enjoying his cup of ginger and lemon warm water.
  • Telling stories from the streets, through the eye of his lens.
  • Dogs (we have one Bichon Maltese and two black Labradors).
  • Spending quality moments with special people.
  • Being a photographer.