Your wedding day

Your wedding is a very special day, you have been planing it for a long time and you want to make sure all the special moments will be recorded.

For us, your wedding is as important as it is for you.

Every shot that we kate isn`t just for sake of taking another photograph, we want to make sure it will be the best it possibly can be in that moment.
We love to tell a complete story from every wedding that we shoot, tthat is why we prefer an all day coverage.
We can then include everything into your story, from getting ready until dancing.

We like to blend in with the guest so that people don`t really notice us, and capture emotions and the happiness in a creative way.

The verry best photos are those little moments that last a split second, those perfect expressions, laughs and happy tears.
This is what we are looking for when we document weddings.




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