Kate and Martin love story could be easly an romantic comedy script.

They’ve met in a coffee shop, in Ireland, where Martin was working, but back then, none of them made the move.

Kate went back to her home country for a time and when she came back for her regular coffee, she realised that he wasn’t working there any more.

Then, she had to fly home again and this time, when she went to the airport, she saw him working at another coffee shop there.
It’s amazing how the Universe has worked to bring them closer.
Just imagine all this happening in a big city like Dublin, in a busy airport…
They were very happy to see each other again, but still no move.

Few weeks later, Kate’s mom comes to visit her and when she went back home, Kate wrote him a letter, with her number in it and gave the letter to her mom to pass it to Martin.

Two weeks later, they were on their first date and never looked back.

Their love story continues on the island of Naxos, in Greece, where they choose to get married, surrounded by their family and closest friends, in an intimate and relax atmosphere and as a bonus of their love story, sweet baby Adam was there also, to celebrate with his parents, one of their most beautiful day.

Dear Kate, Martin and Adam, thank you for choosing us to capture your day!
It was a pleasure and honour, to have met you and we look forward to seeing you in Naxos, again!

K & M Destination Wedding in Naxos, Greece